** Shameless Games


Christian Sadhus and Sastris: shameless conversion games

28 August 2009

B R Haran

Conversion as Motive

It is an open secret that the foremost aim of the Church is to spread Christianity throughout the world and establish its rule. Yet an Indian government led by a ‘Hindu’ party welcomed Pope John Paul II as a State Guest and allowed him to give a clarion call for evangelization of India on this sacred Hindu Bhumi.

With the advent of Republican Party rule, the US government under George Bush allotted millions of dollars for this purpose through the Joshua Projects.

Simultaneously, with the advent of the Congress-led UPA government with Sonia Gandhi as Chairperson, conversions have become rampant, as evidenced by an alarming increase in the planting of churches across the country totally disproportionate to the population of Christians, and the brazen implementation of ‘inculturation’ techniques.

Conversion activities have increased manifold in the southern states of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, the former ruled by the Congress and led by a Christian Chief Minister, and the later ruled by an atheist (read anti-Hindu) Dravidian-racist party.

The deficient growth of Hindu organizations and lack of public awareness of the danger of conversions has helped the growth of churches in these states.

 Christian missionaries, who were concentrating on the poor and downtrodden sections, have now started focusing on the upper echelons of society. The employees in media houses, workers in cinema and small-screen industries, and Hindus working in Christian institutions have become vulnerable to conversion attempts. Of late, special attention is being shown to the Brahmin community.

Planting a Church near an ancient Temple and focus on Brahmins

Thiruvanmiyur is a beautiful place in Chennai, on the East Coast Road leading up to the southern tip of Tamil Nadu. Thiruvanmiyur is historically significant as the place where  Vanmiki Maharishi (the Valmiki of Ramayana fame) did penance and worshipped Bhagwan Shiva; hence the name Thiruvanmikiyur (Thiru-Sri; Vanmiki, Oor-place), which later became Thiruvanmiyur. Shiva, worshipped by Valmiki, blesses the people from his magnificent and ancient Sri Marundeeswarar Temple. There is also a small temple for Maharishi Vanmiki opposite (slightly diagonal) to the Shiva Temple; both stand as testimonies to the ancient history of this sacred place.

Now, within hundred yards of the Shiva Temple, stands a huge ‘Advent Church’ which was started as a small prayer house just three years ago. On 5 August 2009, two digital banners, placed just above the compound wall of the Church, attracted the attention of passers by. They read, “Christian Brahmin Seva Samiti – First Year Anniversary” and announced, “Kathaakaalakshebam (Religious discourse) by Pujya Sri Bhagavathar Vedanayaga Saastrigal on Saturday 8 August evening by 5 pm – Entry free.”    

Though churches claim they don’t practice casteism, the reality is exactly the opposite, as evidenced by conflicts between various castes within Christianity in various places.

In fact, when evangelists convert gullible Hindus, especially Scheduled Castes, they always deceive them saying, “All are equal in the eyes of Jesus.” But once the conversion is over, the evangelists close their eyes and the converted group finds no change except in the god and the pattern of worship. Still, the “Christian-Brahmin” Samiti was a real shocker as Brahmins converting is a rare phenomenon.

Brahmins were, are and will always be a “Prize Catch” for Christian evangelists. For them, converting even a single Brahmin is a great achievement.

A converted Brahmin becomes a great asset, for with one Brahmin convert they would be able to easily convert a hundred non-Brahmins.

Of late, Christian missionaries have started targeting the Brahmin community, and in the last four or five years, they have been able to achieve some gains. 

Although the ‘Christian Brahmin Seva Samiti’ seems to be new, the man behind this dubious organization, ‘Sadhu Chellappaa’ is a notorious figure, whose modus operandi is distortion of Hindu scriptures to advance Christianity. Before going into the happenings in Thiruvanmiyur, it would be better to have a complete picture about this imposter who masquerades as a sadhu, wearing saffron robes.

Saffron-attired evangelist masquerading as Sadhu    

Born in a Hindu family and raised in and around a temple, Chellappaa claims to have complete knowledge of the Vedas, Upanishads, Ithihasas and Puranas. As the temple priests and other scholars could not clarify his doubts on some questions, one day (15 May 1967) he decided to commit suicide by jumping from a running train. As he was about to do so, he claims to have heard holy verses of the Bible; he got down at the next station and went straight to the Church, where he claims to have seen Jesus and received answers for all his doubts through divine blessing.

As per orders of Jesus, he became a Christian and travelled throughout the state converting thousands of Hindus to Christianity. He became a full time evangelist in 1974 and founded the Agni Ministries. Since 1982, he has been running a Tamil monthly magazine, “Agni,” for Tamil people worldwide. As per orders of Jesus, he has been planting new churches since 1995, and has so far planted 27 churches and appointed 27 pastors for effective harvests.  He has appointed four full-time evangelists and established a full fledged office with four faculty and other staff.

Sadhu Chellappaa has written over 28 books in Tamil and two in English. He claims his book “IS CHRISTIANITY A NECESSITY?” is always in demand and is likely to go into reprint for the fifth time. Another book, BIBLE AND BAGAVAT GITA, VARANASHRA DHARMA sells like hot cakes! He has travelled widely abroad, meeting evangelists and church leaders in pursuit of name and fame.

Chellappaa is believed to have met Dr. Billy Graham at the itinerant Evangelists Conference at Amsterdam in 1983; his life story appeared in “Challenge” magazine published by Campus Crusade, USA. But his ‘Sri Lankan connection’ is telling! A regular speaker at the Impetus Conference in Colombo for Third World Pastors and Evangelists, Sadhu is a close friend of Dr. Colton Wickramaratne, Senior Pastor of People’s Church, Colombo and his ministry has ‘saved’ numerous Buddhists and Hindus in Sri Lanka.

Most Sri Lankan Tamil Hindus who are scattered as refugees through out the world have been converted to Christianity through his ministries. Rev. Colin Dye, Senior Pastor of Kensington Temple, London, the largest church in England, interviewed Chellappaa and his story appeared in “The Edge,” a leading British Christian magazine, in its May 1996 issue.

(http://www.agniministries.org/ and http://www.agniministries.org/Testimony.aspx).

Sadhu Chellappa’s ‘Agni Ministries’ (AM) are governed by “Evangelical Action Team of India” (EATI), founded by him in 1980 in Coimbatore, with 20 persons in the Board of Directors; he is the ‘Managing Director’. EATI concentrates on conversion activities in the guise of services in Education and Health.

The main objective of EATI and AM is to Plant Churches and Harvest Souls, for which purpose they recruit Pastors and Evangelists and conduct training courses for them.

They teach distorted versions of Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Sikh scriptures and other books relevant to those Indigenous religions and train recruits how to use those scriptures (by comparing with Christian concepts and Bible stories) for converting the gullible sections from those faiths.

They send trained recruits to set up ‘Prayer Cells’ to facilitate planting of new Churches in predominantly Hindu areas. The recruits also teach at Bible schools and colleges. EATI and AM have tie-ups with international missionaries, mainly for fund raising, which makes harvesting easier.

(http://www.agniministries.org/AboutUs.aspx  and


Sadhu Chellappaa audaciously claims, “Diwali, the festival of lights, is a Christian Festival; Animal Sacrifice is a Christian culture adopted by Hindus and Gayatri Mantra actually glorifies Jesus.

The Vedas, the ancient Indian sacred writings had anticipated the coming of Christ to take away the sins of man. They call Him Purusha Prajapati the creator God who would come as a man to offer himself as a sacrifice. Jesus Christ came to fulfill the Vedic quest of the Indian people, because the Vedhas are incomplete without Him, just as the Old Testament was fulfilled at the coming of the Messiah”. He waxes eloquent on ‘You Tube’ on “Hinduism came from Bible” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syBSPQvIqYs)

Thiruvanmiyur episode

 It is said Sadhu Chellappaa has a few Brahmin families in his kitty since the launching of this Christian Brahmin Seva Samiti. He uses the services of another convert Vedanayagam, who brazenly calls himself ‘Bhagavathar’ and ‘Sastrigal’ with a title of ‘Pujya Sri’. Both of them organize evangelical sessions in the guise of “Kathaakaalakshebam” and hoodwink gullible Hindus.

They focus on poor and lower middle class Brahmins, who are ignorant and have poor knowledge of their religious scriptures. Most have personal and financial problems, which make them vulnerable to the Chellappaas and Vedanayagams.

As the two were making preparations for a huge show on 8 August, the news spread and some concerned citizens called up senior police officials to ban the proposed event; there was absolutely no response. Details about the proposed event were sent to the only Brahmin MLA of the Dravidian Assembly, who took up the issue with higher authorities, but didn’t get the desired results, possibly because he neither belonged to the ruling coalition nor to the opposition ranks, having been recently dismissed by AIADMK. Other leaders of Hindu organizations were busy with bi-elections and Ganesh Chaturthi arrangements. The so-called Brahmin Association (TAMBRAS) was nowhere to be seen! 

It was left to a few individuals (some cadres of Hindu organizations and freelance writers, editors and journalists numbering around ten) who went to Thiruvanmiyur Police Station on 6 August and complained to the Inspector, who immediately got the banners removed and warned the Church not to host the event. The banners sprang up again on 8 August  morning, without the title ‘Christian Brahmin Seva Samiti’, which portion was covered with a cloth. A ‘panthal’ (shamiana) was set up at the entrance to the Church and two plantain trees and a bunch of fresh tender coconuts tied on both sides of the entrance to give the Church a typical Hindu look

Though the title was covered by a cloth, other terms such as ‘Pujya Sri’, ‘Bhagavathar’ and ‘Sastrigal’ were not removed from the banner; despite repeated phone calls and personal calls the local police didn’t take further actions and the “Kathaakaalakshebam” of “Vedanayagam Sastrigal” went as planned, with police protection! If the police thought they acted neutrally they were wrong; what happened in the church was a blatant violation of law. 

The organizers deserve stringent punishment  

How can a Christian evangelical session be named Kathaakaalakshebam (religious discourse)? How can evangelists call themselves Sadhus, Bhagavatars, Sastrigals and keep the title ‘Pujya Sri’? Claiming to be a casteless religion and a society sans caste discrimination, how could they start an organization exclusively for Brahmins? What have Brahmins to do with Christianity? From when is Christianity having a separate Brahmin sect? 

The Vedas, Upanishads, Ithihasas and Puranas are religious treasures of the Hindus. No other religionists have the right to touch them. Distorting and using them to market Jesus and Christianity is shameless and clearly establishes that there is nothing of value in Christianity since its god and bible need Hindu scriptures to succeed.

By thus misusing the Hindu scriptures, the Chellappaas, Vedanayagams and other imposters should be booked under Sections 153A, 295A, 298 and other sections of the IPC and punished. 

In Thiruvanmiyur Church, the so-called Sastrigal marketed the Christian god as “Purusha Prajapati” of the Rig Veda! Evangelists are like sales representatives and they cannot be allowed to use Hindu scriptures to sell their religion and god; one company’s sales rep cannot use other company’s merchandise to sell his product. This can only create conflict in society and law and order problems, with disastrous consequences. 

The subterfuge, also called inculturation, has grown to dangerous proportions. The deep slumber of Hindu organizations (social, cultural, religious, spiritual, et al) is disturbing and it is high time they woke up and put an end to this ugly business by the church and the missionaries.

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** Communal vs. Secular

‘Secular Congress’ or Communal anti-National’ Congress?
Ravi Lochanan Iyengar
Indian Perspective
The Congress Party claims to be a ‘secular’ party. The party president Ms. Sonia Gandhi and PM Dr. Manmohan Singh have repeatedly stated that Congress is a ‘secular’ party to the core.
The dictionary meaning of ‘secular’ is: ‘not pertaining to or connected with religion’. 

Let us look at some of the allies of the ‘secular’ Congress:

1. Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) in Kerala – a Muslim party

2. Kerala Congress (Mani) [KC(M)] in Kerala – a Christian party

3. All India Majlis e-Itaahid al-Muslimin (MIM) in Andhra Pradesh – a Muslim party.

Among these 3 parties, the two Muslim parties are exclusively Islamic in their outlook and membership. How could these parties be called ‘secular’? Can the Congress justify its alliance with these parties?

IUML is the new arm of erstwhile Muslim League which partitioned the nation on the basis of religion. The Muslims of North Kerala were staunch supporters of Muslim League in the pre-independence era and had also showed their beastly nature by killing thousands of Hindus during the Moplah rebellion. Post-independence, the community has been supporting IUML. This shows that the situation has not changed a single bit. These Muslims do not consider themselves a part of the national mainstream and IUML is a party which is representing such internal ‘anti-nationals’.

Still, the Congress party is in alliance with IUML for decades. Can it explain the reason for this? If the Muslims of the region had changed their opinion, why does the Congress still need the IUML which is basically the same party which advocated Islamic extremism and partitioned the nation?

MIM is even more radical. It was a party which opposed the integration of Hyderabad with India. It was the party which organised Razakars who went about killing thousands of Hindus to maintain the ‘Islamic’ State of Hyderabad. The party was initially banned in 1948 and the Razakars’ leader was deported to Pakistan in the late 1950s.

The current party organisation tries to separate itself from the activities during the period of Indian independence. But the party has always maintained its ‘Islamic’ nature and character. Anyone who believes that the party members suddenly became pro-India after Indian independence must be living in a ‘fools’ paradise’.

Thus, we see that Congress is allied not only with three ‘communal’ parties but also, two ‘anti-national’ parties. Still, it dares to call itself has ‘secular’ (or perhaps they mean ‘sickular’). 

Next, look at the policies of the Congress party.

The Constitution of India (Article 44) clearly states that the State shall ‘endeavour to secure for the citizens a Uniform Civil Code throughout the territory of India’.

Does the party believe that the framers of the Indian Constitution were ‘communal’ for having stated such in the Constitution? If not, why is it that the Congress does not support the forming of a ‘Common Civil Code’?

The party claims that the endeavour for adoption of a Common Civil Code must come from within the Muslim community. This is utter nonsense. The Common Civil Code will go a long way in bringing the Muslim community into the national mainstream.

The Indian nation is secular. Being so, why should the government create a separate civil code for each community?

Secular government should be ‘equally sceptical’ to all religious practices. It does not mean ‘enclosing all religious practices’. Will the Congress party accept to any demand for implementation of Shariat for cases of rape, murder etc in which the accused or the victim is a Muslim? If not, why is Shariat followed in the case of civil code?

This practice is an utter nonsense which divides the society on communal lines. Congress wants to maintain this situation in perpetuity. Still, the party calls itself ‘secular’.

PM Manmohan Singh had stated that Muslims shall have the first right on the nations’ resources. May I know what is the difference between our PM and Bengal’s Muslim League government of Mr. Suhrawardy who advocated that preference shall be given to a Muslim candidate with a third-class degree over a Hindu candidate with a first-class degree (as happened in the case of filling a vacancy for lecturer in the Government College near Calcutta)?

What is the difference between Manmohan Singh and Sir Bamfylde Fuller who had stated that in the Eastern Bengal, Muslims would be nurtured and Hindus will be neglected (an advocate of the partition of Bengal which occurred during 1905).

Sir Fuller did that to garner the support of Muslims. Isn’t Manmohan doing the same thing by stating that Muslims will be preferred over others? He appears to be an ‘anti-national’ who wants to implement the policies of the traitorous Muslim League and the colonist British Empire. He does so to get the votes of the Muslim community. On the whole, the party is certainly not secular.

The current Congress leadership does not appear to care about the integrity of the country. This party’s leadership accepted to a partition of India. How can we be sure that they will not do so once again just to remain in power?

After all, the support given by this treacherous party to the various successor parties of the anti-national Islamic parties and the way they encourage illegal infiltration of Bangladeshi Muslims into Assam and West Bengal does show the true philosophy of the party leadership which is ‘anything shall be done to remain in power’. It is lead by power-mongers who do not care about the nation a single bit.

May Goddess Bharati save this nation from these modern-day demons who do not worry about destroying the nation for their own selfishness.   

 1) Mr.PM, Who should be Ashamed of Whom? @ http://www.blogs.ivarta.com/Who-should-be-Ashamed-Whom-MrPM/blog-267.htm 

2) Congress trying Caste Formula @ http://specials.rediff.com/election/2009/apr/09slide1-elections-hot-up-in-eastern-uttar-pradesh.htm

Congress Terminology: Communal vs. Secular

1.. Sikhs getting slaughtered in thousands = A MISTAKE.

2. Hindus getting killed in thousands in Kashmir = Political problem.

3. Muslims getting killed by a few hundred = Holocaust.

4. Protestors getting shot in WB under Left Govt = Misunderstanding.

5. Talking about Hindus and Hinduism = Communal.

6. Talking about Muslims and Islam = Secular.

7. Kargil Attack = Government failure.

8. Chinese invasion in 1962 = Unfortunate betrayal.

9. Reservations in every school and college on caste lines = Secular.

10. Reservations in Minority institutions =Communal.

11. Fake encounters in Gujarat [Sohrabuddin] = BJP Communalism.

12. Fake encounters under Cong-NCP in Maharashtra [Khwaja Younus] = Police atrocity.

13. Banning Parzania in Gujarat = Communal.

14. Banning Da Vinci Code and Jo Bole So Nihaal = Secular.

15. BJP freeing 3 terrorists to save 100 Indian hostages = Shameful

16.Congress freeing 4 militants to save just a life of one Daughter of its minister
in Kashmir [Rubina Sayed] Political dilemma = Natural Dilemma

17.Attack on Parliament = BJP ineptitude.

18. Not hanging Afzal Guru the mastermind despite Supreme Court orders = Humanity and Political dilemma.

19. BJP questioning Islamic Terrorist Forces = Communal.

20. Congress questioning Lord Ram existence = Clerical Error. 


** Post-1947 India’s Intellect…

The intellectual scene in Post-independence India

Speech of S. Gurumurthy given to IIT Chennai 

Defeat and anger go together. Abuse and defeat go together. So, it is in this norm and with this understanding of what an intellectual debate means, I would like to place before you some of my thoughts today. Some of may find it provocative. I am confident that the audience is competent enough to absorb this and think rather than get into the mood which all of us have got used to in the last 30-40 years abuse. 

Background: India before Independence:

Let us see the pre-independence background, the intellectual content of India. See the kind of personalities who led the Indian mind Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo, Gandhiji, Tilak- giants in their own way. Most of them were involved in politics, active politics, day-to-day politics, handling men, walking on the road, addressing meetings, solving problems between their followers. And, meeting the challenges posed by the enemy, the conspiracies hatched against them. They were handling everything, yet, they were maintaining an intellectual supremacy, and an originality which history has recorded. 

Let us look at the academic side. Whether it is a P.C. Ray who wrote on Indian Chemistry in 1905 or Sir C.V. Raman who wrote about mridangam, tabala, and violin, and saw the physics in it (this was in 1913); whether it was R.C. Majumdar or Radhakumud Mukherjee who saw greatness in the Indian civilization; trying to bring up points, instances, historical evidence to mirror the greatness of India to the defeated Indian race, they were all building the Indian mind brick by brick. 

Sri Aurobindo spoke of Sanatana Dharma as the nationalism of India. He didn’t rank it as a philosophy. He brought it down to the level of emotional consciousness. Swami Vivekananda spoke of spiritual nationalism; it was the same Swami who spoke of Universal brotherhood. For them philosophy was not removed from the ground reality. The nation was at the core of their philosophy. Swami Vivekananda was called the “patriot monk”. 

Mahatma Gandhi spoke of Rama Rajya. Bankim Chandra wrote Bande Maataram. The song, the slogans in it, the mantra in it made hundreds of people kiss the gallows smilingly and many others went to jail. It transformed the life of the people. This was the intellectual scene, this was the content. This is what powered the intellectual as well as the mass movement in India. This was the core of India, the soul of the Indian freedom movement. 

The symptoms: India immediately after Independence

Imagine what happened in 1947 and after, India was able to intellectually lead not only Indians but also the whole world because of the intellectual assertion that the freedom movement brought about. Let us look at post Independence India. The persons who led post-Independence India were also trained in the same freedom movement. They went to jail, but they were not rooted in the intellectual content of the Freedom movement!

The first Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru was in jail for 7 years. He was a great intellectual, purely in the sense of his capacity to reason, understand, read, and expound a thought. He told Galbrieth once, “I would be regarded as the last English Prime Minister of India.” See the intellectual capability of the man, the enormously competent mind.

But intellectualism doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It has to be rooted in something concrete. Swami Vivekananda’s universal brotherhood was rooted in India’s greatness as a civilization. The concept of “Vasudaiva Kutumbakam” cannot exist without a living form, a population which believes in it and believes in itself. You need to have a society which believes in it. 

That is why India could invite the Jews who were butchered, raped, all over the world. In 107 out of 108 countries, this race was butchered. At least they had the courtesy and the gratitude to publish a book.  

The Israeli government published a book that out of 108 countries that we sought refuge, the only civilization, the only country, the only people, the only ideology that gave us refuge was the Indian civilization. They published a book, which most Indians are unaware of. 

And we invited the Muslims. The refugee Muslims first landed in Kutch. And they are called the Kutchy Memons even today but not the Memons who bomb Mumbai. But the Memons who lived with us. 

In the year 1917, many of you might be aware, a case went to the Prey Council, equivalent to the Supreme Court now.

The Kutchy Memons went and told the Prey Council that we are Muslims for namesake, but we follow only the Hindu law. Please don’t impose the Shariat on us. The Prey Council ruled that they are Muslims but the only sacred book they have is called “Dasaavathaara”, it is not Koran. In fact they knew no language other than the Kutchy language. 

And in the “Dasaavathaara”, nine avatharas were common between Hindus and Kutchy Memons. We call the tenth avathaara “Kalki” and they call him “Ali”. The Prey Council ruled that the Shariyat law is not applicable to them. The All India Muslim League took up the case, went to the British and told them that this finding is dangerous to Islam and requested them to pass a law which will overrule this judgment. The British government passed a law in 1923 which was called the “The Kutchy Memons Act” declaring, “If a Kutchy Memon wants to follow the Shariat, allow him to do so”. 

It doesn’t mean a Muslim must follow the Shariat. Between 1923-1937, before the All India Shariat Act was passed not a single Kutchy Memon filed an affidavit with the plea that he wants to follow the Shariaat. That was the integration prevalent in India.

In 1937, when the All India Shariat Act was passed, the preamble to the act mentioned that this was being passed by a demand made by the AIML leader Mohammed Ali Jinnah. Today, the Shariat has become a part of Muslim consciousness. 

The purpose behind making you aware of this background is that 99% of the people who speak about the constitutional rights of the minorities or the distinctiveness of Muslim life are unaware of the facts.

Till the year 1980, in Cooch Behar district, the Shariat law was not applicable. In 32 instances between 1923 and 1947 by legislation, the Shariyat law was not applicable to the Muslims. This is the extent of the intellectual gap in India. 

Secularism: A Reversal and perversion of the Indian mind.

And now, coming to what is the position today. Everything that drove the freedom movement – everything that constituted the soul of the freedom movement, whether it is the Ram rajya of Gandhiji or Sanaatana Dharma of Sri Aurobindo or the spiritual patriotism of Vivekananda or the soul stirring Vande Maataram song, came to be regarded not only as unsecular but as sectarian, communal and even as something harmful to the country.

Thus, there was a reversal, a perversion of the Indian mind. How did it occur? Today, the intellectualism of India means to denigrate India.

There are mobile citizens and there are non- citizens deriding India. Go to the Indian Airlines counter you will find people deriding India. Go to a post office they will deride India. Go to a railway station, they will deride India. It is the English educated Indian’s privilege to deride India. 

When I was talking to postal employees in the GPO, Chennai (a majority of them were women). I told them the basic facts about the post office. I said it is one of the most efficient postal systems in the world, one of the cheapest in the world, one of the most delivery perfect postal systems in the world. For one rupee, you are able to transport information from one end of the country to the other. 

And you have a postman, no where in the world this happens the postman goes to the illiterate mother and reads out the letter, he is asked to sit there and shares a cup of coffee and comes away. Money orders are delivered to the last rupee. It is an amazing system, one of the largest postal systems linking one of the most populous nations, one of the most complicated nations with so many languages.

Somebody writes the address in Tamil and it gets delivered in Patna! It gets delivered to Jawaan at warfront! When I completed my speech many of the women were wiping their tears. I asked why are you crying I have only praised you. They said, “Sir, this is the first time we’ve been praised, otherwise we’ve only been abused!” 

You know how many people use the railways in India? A million people and that is equivalent to the population of Australia! And we have only abuses for them! Have we any idea of what this country is? India has been compared with Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and Taiwan. You can walk across many of these countries in one night (laughs)! The best politicians, intellectuals, sociologists in India have compared us with them because, we have never understood what we are and unless you do that, you can never relate us with others. 

Demonising India: Projecting a negative image.

This enormous intellectual failure, to the extent of being intellectually bankrupt, did not occur overnight, it was no accident. There is a history behind this enormous erosion. And I told you about these mobile citizens, what they have done to us. Every country has problems. There is no country without any problem.  

Are you aware of what is one of the most pressing problems in America today? It is incurable according to the American sociologists; even American economists have begun to agree with them. American politicians are shaken, one third of the pregnant women are school going children. And mothers mix the anti-pregnancy pill in the food without daughter’s knowledge everyday. 

But this is not the image of America. The image of America is a technologically advanced country etc. etc. Ours is the only country where the mobile citizens of India have transformed the problems of India into the image of India -its identity is inherently related with its problems. 

Go to any country and the same negative stereotype is echoed that India is suffering from poverty and malnutrition. India has no drinking water. Indian women are burnt. If they are married, they are burnt, if they are widows, they are burnt. See the image that has been built about this country. Who did this? The English educated Indian. 

And one Kaluraam Meena (have you ever heard of him? Asks the audience to raise their hands if they have), only a small fraction of this large audience has heard of him.  

When Clinton came to India, he went to a village called Nayla where the villagers interacted with him. And one of the panchayat board members asked him, “Sir, I am told that in the West, all of you believe that this country is a rotten country, a backward country, a poor, hungry country. Do you also think like that?”

Clinton was shaken, because he might have thought that this person might be approaching him for some favour.  

I will relate my experience when I went to the Carter Centre in 1993. They were talking about dispute resolution and all that. I went there to meet somebody, if not Carter, somebody else at least. His Deputy, a lady, was very hesitant to receive me. “Mr. Gurumurthy”, she said, “Mr. Carter is not around, anyway, I can spare seven-eight minutes for you.” I said three or four minutes of your time would do. Even before I could start, she said, “Mr.Gurumurthy, we don’t have funds, we will not be able to help” (laughter from the audience). I replied, “Let us assume you have a hundred billion dollars, how much will you give me? One billion? One million?” 

She kept quiet, I said: “I don’t need your money. I came here to discuss whether community living is an answer to disputes. I have come to discuss this because you have suggested electoral means to resolve problems in communities which have no damn idea of what an election is; whether community living is an answer because you don’t what that means. She sat and discussed this with me for two hours. This is the image we have projected that anybody, who comes from India, comes to beg. Ordinary Indians did not create this impression; educated Indians created it. This is the work of civil servants, NGOs. Christian missionaries during the freedom movement created this. Indians are filthy, rotten, dirty and unhealthy, advertising abroad these are the people who need to be saved. We have to Christianise them, enlighten them, and give us money. I can understand that because it is their business. But what did we do after 1947? 

We repeated the same mistakes. We projected India as a country of unending problems. As I said, every country has problems. Only in India, problems become identities. How many dowry deaths take place in India in a year? Yet, India is projected as a country burning its own daughter-in-laws. And we also talk about it. Every damn newspaper will be writing about it.

We believe in self-deprecation. And this goes on in the guise of intellectualism in India. And one woman, she attempted to take a film of the widows. I wrote an article, asking her to go to Lijjat Paapad. A widow brought me up. Millions of widows have worked to bring up their children. It is a nation, which believes in Tapasya.  You may not believe in it but you are an exception. 

Compare Deepa Mehta”s attitude with Sarada Maa’s who was the wife, who became a widow after Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa’s passing away. She went to the very same place where Deepa Mehta went and saw the widows. Sarada Maa said, “These widows are so pure, they are an illustration and an example to me.” Deepa Mehta saw them as prostitutes. The widows have already been hurt once. Why are you sprinkling salt on their wounds? 

I am very sorry to speak about this, but I have to, this audience is enlightened enough to understand me. Indian women are sexually unsatisfied and so they are becoming lesbians? This is one bloody story against us, about us. This is the image of Indian men and women, and this film is in English. Catherine Mayo wrote a book and Mahatma Gandhi said about it, “I have no time to read this filth. But I am under a compulsion, under pressure because this has been published abroad. The image of India has been rubbished and I have to counter it.” With this introduction, he wrote about the book and said that this woman is a gutter inspector (laughs).

The intellectualism in India is gutter inspection- people are of this kind etc. Understand the level of erosion. 

Indian Politics: Weaknesses and Pitfalls

Let us look at the post independence scenario from the macro level. We installed a system of governance and it postulated all the important goals for the Indian society and polity, which was gulped by the Indian academia, by the Indian intellectuals.  

We will have a classless society through socialism. We will have a casteless society through equality. We will have a faithless society through secularism. We will have a modern society devoid of tradition. 

Instead of politics restructuring caste, caste has restructured politics today.  

Political parties are talking only in terms of castes. Has any Indian intellectual come to terms with caste? You must understand caste if you want to handle the Indian society. You cannot say that I want to have a very different kind of society. You have to handle the Indian sentiment, the Indian tradition and Indian beliefs. You can’t clone a society of your choice in India. Social engineering has failed everywhere; the masters of social engineering have given up the Communists – whether it is sociologists or economists you have to accept a society as it is. You can only increase the momentum of evolution in the society; you can’t forcibly bring about a revolution today. But, Indian leaders and intellectuals, till today, keep abusing caste. They don’t know how to handle the caste. 

Let me narrate to you how a community in Karaikudi handled this issue. The Chettiyar community assembled top businessmen, professionals from all over the world for 3 days to discuss their culinary act, how to construct houses, what languages they use, what old adages and stories their grand parents used to tell, what clothes they used to wear; not one word of politics, mind you. This was not even published in the newspapers. Intellectuals were not even aware of it.  

So, caste is a very important instrument in India, you may not like it. Unfortunately, every intellectual leads a caste life inside, but outside he is casteless! He is cloning an approach outside. There is no intellectual honesty at all.

 And what happened in the case of secularism? In India, any one who is not a Hindu is per se secular.

In the year 1947, just 10 years had passed after the Muslim League demanded and got the country partitioned, the leader who voted for the resolution for the partition of India was Quazi Millath Ismail, (who was leading the same Muslim League on the Indian side), the Congress certified that the Muslim League in Kerala is secular and hence it can associate with them. The Muslim League outside Kerala is communal with the same president!

Three hundred and fifty crores are spent today for the Haj pilgrims out of the funds of secular India every year. No one can raise an objection. At least I can understand why politicians don’t want to do that because they want the Muslim votes.  

But what about the intelligentsia. What about newspaper editors and journalists? And academicians? None of them speak out. The reason is that we have produced a state dependent intellectualism in India.

We don’t produce Nakkeerans anymore, our intellectualism is a derivative of the State and the State is a derivative of the polity. And in turn the polity is a derivative of the mind of Macaulay and Marx. 

The Indian education system: A Legacy of Macaulay.

This Macaulayian system of education is a poison injected into our system. At least I had the opportunity of schooling in Tamil and hence could withstand the corruption that this English education brings with it. This corruption begins the moment the child steps out of the house. He is told to converse in English at home. This did not happen even in pre-Independence India, even when Macaulay wrote that notorious note sitting in Ooty.  

How many of you know Macaulay’s formulation? Just those two or three sentences at least which form the crux – “We require an education system in India which will produce a class of interpreters, who will be Indian in colour and Englishmen in taste, opinions and morals.”  

This is the education system, which we have been continuing with, which was earlier conceived to produce clerks for the British Empire. If you have to differ from an English educated person you have to differ only through the English language. If you have to abuse somebody, even that has to be done in English! If you abuse the Anglicised Indian, he will not find fault with the blame but with the grammar in your language! This is the extent to which a foreign language has possessed us.  

But, we must master English, that is needed, but why do we have to become slaves of the English language? We must use that language as a tool, but why do we consider it as a status symbol? This is the influence of Macaulay. 

If you want to understand the Macaulay/Marxist mix in India, you have to go a little back to see how Marxism grew out of the Christian civilisation. I recommend that you read the Nov 27, 1999 edition of the Newsweek, which describes how the Christian idea of the end of time called the “apocalypse”, influenced the entire history, art, music, prognosis, sociology, economics, and the entire attitude of the Christian civilisation towards the non-Christian civilisations. 

A Christian scholar who describes how Communism grew out of Christianity has written it. In 1624, Anna Baptists, a group of Christians who believed in the basic tenets of Christianity seized power in a particular place, banned private property and use of any book other than the Bible. When Marxism came up later through the exposition of Das Capital, the Marxists began expounding their doctrine as an extension of Christianity.

The thesis, antithesis and synthesis of making Christianity acceptable to the age of enlightenment was the Hegelian way demanded rationalisation of Christianity in the days of the Protestant movement. Hegel began with a disagreement, then started interacting with Christianity and ultimately ended up accepting Christianity. You can see the same phenomenon with Marxist postulates- “capitalism is my enemy, we have to deal with capitalism” and finally “we have to find a synthesis with capitalism”. 

Marx on India

In fact in the year 1857, Marx wrote about India, ” India was a prosperous civilisation. It had a very high standard of living. Their productivity was higher. India was an economic giant.” It was so. If you look at the statistics in 1820, India’s share of world production was 19%, and England’s share was 9%, please note that Britain was deep into the industrial revolution at that time. 18% of the world trade was in Indian hands at that time whereas 8% was the figure for Britain and 1% for US. When 80% of the American population was engaged in agriculture, India had 60% of the population engaged in non-agricultural occupations. This is supposed to be an index of development. All these statistics can be found in Paul S. Kennedy’s “Rise and Fall of Great Powers”. 

So, Marx says, “This was a great civilisation which had produced prosperous communities.” A prosperity which went deep into the villages. In the early stages, when the East India Company came to Murshidabad, an unknown name in Bengal today the Britishers were awe struck with its prosperity and wrote that it was more prosperous than London. This is no more disputed anyway, even by Indian intellectuals. Marx acknowledges the fact that this was a prosperous country and also had equality but unfortunately, he says for 2000 years the society did not change nor did it allow any revolutionary forces to enter! In his worldview human beings cannot progress without a revolution! 

In the two articles on British rule in India and the East India Company- history and results written by Marx, quoted in the New York daily “Karl Marx” does grant though somewhat in a grudging manner that “materially, India was fairly industrious and prosperous even before the onset of the British rule. He said that India was an exporting country till 1830 and started importing because it had opened its trade to the British.”

Many of you may not be aware that the kings in India had no right to over the lands, which came under the jurisdiction of panchayats. Whether it was Emperor Ashoka or Bhagavan Sri Ramachandra, the rule was the same. It was changed only during the British rule under the Ryotwari system. Even the Mughals could not change it. It was also found that family communities were based on domestic industry, with the peculiar combination of hand-spinning, hand- weaving, agriculture etc. which gave them a supporting power. 

The misery inflicted by the British on Hindusthan is of an entirely different kind and infinitely more intense than what it had to suffer before civil wars, invasions, revolutions, conquests, famines all these did not go deeper than the surface.

But, England broke the entire framework of Hindusthan, the symptoms of reconstitution are yet to emerge clearly. This loss of the Old World without the emergence of a new order imparts a particular melancholy to the present misery of Hindus and Hindusthan. Marx goes on to say that the British interference destroyed the union between agriculture and the manufacturing industry. Suddenly he remarks that the English interference dissolved this semi barbarian, semi-civilised community. 

He concedes that they were prosperous, that they organised their affairs well, they have a measure of independence, they have a democracy at the lowest level, all this has been conceded. Then, how does he classify us as “semi-barbarian and semi-civilised communities”? He notes that India’s social condition remained unaltered since remote antiquity. This is important, for him revolution is the core, the soul and centre of the society. This society never had a revolution; hence it cannot be modern!  

There is an underlying assumption, which considers revolution as a pre- requisite for being modern.

Hence, he feels that the destruction wrought by the British is the inevitable revolution needed for the development of the Indian society. England had vested interests, violent interests in bringing about this “revolution”. But, the question in focus is whether mankind can fulfill its destiny without a fundamental revolution in the social state? Whatever might have been the crimes of England, she was the unconscious tool of history in bringing about a revolution, whatever bitterness the spectacle of crumbling of an ancient world may evoke, from the point of history, we have to exclaim – should this torture torment us?

Since it brings us great pleasure, were not the rule of Taimur, souls delivered without measure? It is a creative destruction in the cause of revolution according to him. If you see Indian Communism which was expounded by a man called Rajane Palme Dutt. Has anyone heard of his name? (Two persons from the audience raised their hands). Two. He was born of a white woman and an Indian father in England. He was in charge of Indian Communism for 25 years. He never came to India though. In his book, “India Today”, he laid down the framework, the policy for Indian Communists, what must be done, what is the kind of revolution needed in India, the development model etc. 

In those days, even good photographs of India were not available, yet this man spoke about India sitting in London. He came to India for the first time in 1946, ten years after he wrote this book and realised that he had to revise it. He stayed for 30 days!

A visitor to India was the father of Indian Communism! And from that day till date, the Indian Communist has never been with India.

Not only that, they took over the Indian mind in the post- independence period. It is these Marxist/Macaulayist intellectuals who will certify whether somebody is modern or traditional, backward or secular or communal, progressive or regressive.

They were running an Open Air University issuingcertificates every day through the press. They have branded me as a communal man. 

Labels: Tools for stultifying important debates

Labels substituted debate in India. Simply a label – communal, that is enough. Four or five editorials will appear preaching that Gurumurthy is communal and the matter must end there. No one would even discuss what communalism is! Religious fundamentalism, RSS/Bajrang Dal fundamentalism!

Anyone, who exposes the Hindu cause in India is a fundamentalist!

We have seen this term being used so casually and superfluously and incessantly by politicians and newspapers. Has anyone bothered to understand the meaning of religious fundamentalism going beyond these slogans? 

Secularism is an intra-Christian phenomenon. It has no application outside Christianity at all. Secularism resolved the fight between two powerful persons, the King and the Archbishop who were loyal to the same faith, to the same prophet, to the same book and to the same Church. It is not a multi-religious virtue. 

A multi-religious idea, a multi-religious living, a multi-religious culture, a multi-religious fabric or a multi-religious structure was unknown outside India. There was usually only one faith and no place for any other, not even for a variation of the same faith.  

Fifty six thousand Bahais were butchered in one hour in Tehran! They believed in the same Koran, in the same Muhammad, the only difference was that they said that Muhammad might come in another form again. That was their only fault and they were all butchered

But we have no such problem. We can play with God, we can abuse God, and we can beat God!

If I say that monotheistic religions have had a violent history, and the reply will be “you are communal.” But this is exactly the same conclusion that a study in Chicago revealed, probably, the only study on fundamentalism conducted by anybody so far. This fundamentalism project brought out five volumes each volume about eight hundred to nine hundred pages. The conclusion they have reached is that, “Fundamentalism is a virtue of Abrahamic religions. It is not applicable to eastern faiths at all.” 

What about the Indian intellectuals? Day in and day out, they keep abusing us as fundamentalists, communalists, that we are anti-secular and it is being gulped down by everyone including those from the IITs and IIMs, lawyers and police officials, journalists and politicians. Look at this intellectual bankruptcy. 

An inner revolution: The much needed change

We need a mental revolution, an inner revolution; we need to get rooted in our own soul. There is a missing element in India today and it is this. That element has to be restored otherwise Indian intellectualism will only be a carbon copy of Western intellectualism. We are borrowing not only their language and idiom but also we trying to copy the very soul of the West.

So, all that we need to do is (it is impossible to share the entire depth of the subject in one evening’s lecture programme. I have only tried out point out in an incoherent way, how a completely fresh mindset has to be evolved. And unless it evolves, the Indian mind, which leads India, will be in a perpetual state of confusion ordinary people are perfectly all right.

Consider for example how thirty years before there was a question whether Tamil Nadu will be a part of India or not. The Dravidian parties have taken over the mind of Tamil Nadu. It had virtually ceased to be a part of India. And their attack was aimed at Hinduism.

The moment you attack Hinduism you attack India. This is a fact. Neither politicians nor intellectuals nor academicians realised this. But, the ordinary people did.

Just three religious movements- the Ayyappa movement, the Kavadi movement and the Melmaruvatthur Adi Para Sakti movement- have finished the Dravidian ideology to a very great extent. It is only the outer shell of Dravidianism that remains today. Tamil Nadu has been brought back successfully by Ayyappa, Muruga and Para Sakti, not by the Congress or the BJP or any other political party. 

How many people have intellectually assessed the depth and the reach, the deep influence of religion over the people? A paradigm shift in a study of India would be an intellectual approach to this subject. Or consider for example its influence on economics.

Many of you by now would have studied economics in some detail. Take a look at the society in India and compare the figures for public expenditure for private purposes, which is called the social security system in the West.   

30% of the GDP in America is spent for social security, 48% in England, 49% in France, 56% in Germany and 67% in Sweden. This private expenditure is nothing but what you and I do by taking care of parents, our wives and children, brothers and sisters and grandparents, widowed sisters and distant relatives.  

This expenditure is met by the society in India.

And there is no law in India that people should do this. We consider it as our dharma. A person went to a court and demanded a divorce from his father and mother. The American court granted it saying that the only relationship that exists between two persons of America is their citizenship. The law in America recognises no other relationship … 

In the year 1978, an interesting incident occurred in Manhattan. There was a power failure for six hours. Manhattan is in the heart of New York where you find the UN building, the World Trade Centre and the head quarters of many multinational companies. One third of the world’s health is concentrated in Manhattan. Within six hours, hundreds of people were killed, robbed and assaulted. We don’t need electricity to behave in a civilised manner. How many intellectuals in India have ever articulated from such a sympathetic approach? We have only tarnished the image of this country. We must be ashamed of this. 


I shall conclude my speech with this example. When Sri Aurobindo came to Pondicherry in search of a new light. He used to get five rupees from a friend and four persons used to live on this. A cup of tea was one of the luxuries they used to have everyday in the morning, on the Pondicherry beach. 

Sri Aurobindo used to always look at a mystic called Kullachamy (Subramanya Bharati has written a poem about him). He used to behave like a madman, wandering here and there, throwing stones … One, day he came near Sri Aurobindo, lifted his cup of tea and emptied it in front of him. Then he showed the empty cup to him, placed it on the table and went away. Sri Aurobindo’s friends were angry and wanted to chase him. Sri Aurobindo stopped them and said, “This is the kind of instruction I had been expecting from him. He wants me to empty my mind and start thinking afresh.” 

That is my appeal to you!

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** Provoked to write…

I am provoked to write this
-M.S.N. Menon , Organiser

Yes. When I’m told that Hindus “live in darkness” I’m provoked.

I’m a Hindu, not the usual one, for I took the trouble to make a special study of human civilisations and religious atrocities. Naturally, I see religions in a different light. Not the way the “faithful” see them.

Religions are full of lies and false claims.

The Jews claimed they were “the chosen people of God.” Where did this delusion take them? To the worst persecution known to man! They remain the object of the longest hate in human history.

Take Christianity. What is its claim and what is the reality? It claims to have civilised Europe. In fact, it destroyed one of the greatest civilisations of man—the Greek civilisation.

Vassili Vassilevsky, one of the most stimulating authors of Greece, says: “It took us inheritors of a joyous paganistic culture, a long time to internalise the notion of ‘guilt’.

Even today we do not wholly accept the idea that the body is the source of evil.” And yet Jesus had said that the “Kingdom of God is within you.” Then, who put the Devil inside the Christian to torment them? The Organised Church.

And it also destroyed the Roman empire. One of the first acts of the Christians (that of Emperor Theodisius), when they came to power in Rome, was to order the destruction of the most splendid library in the temple of Serapis.

Obviously, the Church had no desire for enlightenment. The Hindus pray for light daily.

The Church converted the pagan temples into tombs, says W.E.H. Lecky, “for the adoration of the bones of the basest and most depraved of men among the Christian monks.” (History of the Rise and Influence of the Spirit of Rationalism in Europe”, Vol.II)

And a Christian mob stripped and cut into pieces a gifted, virtuous and beautiful lady in Alexandria. What was her crime? That she was the leader of the Neo-Platonists!

The Roman empire had produced some of the great men in history like poets Horace and Virgil, historians like Livy and Polybius, philosophers like Epictetus and Plotinus, orators like Cicero, lawgivers like Cato. What did Christianity produce in the 1500 years of its dominance over Europe? Not one man of greatness! And almost every great man who was born in Europe after the Renaissance was outside the Church.

And the Roman empire spread the Hellenistic civilisation in half the world. What has the Christian empire to show?

It is the claim of the church that it made a major contribution to the growth of morality in Europe. In fact, it made little contribution. It called Descartes, father of moral philosophy, an atheist!

The Church gave its blessings to both capitalism and imperialism. And later to colonialism. Secretary of State Amery (UK) says that an active empire and an inactive Church cannot go together.

The Church had a big hand in slave trade. If there was a conscience problem, it helped to ease it by saying that the black man was the son of the Devil.

Denouncing the trade in black men, Lord Palmerston says: “If all crimes committed from creation down to the present day were added together, they would not exceed, I am sure, the guilt of the diabolic slave trade.” In America Lincoln had to fight a civil war to outlaw the trade. The Church was behind the rebel southern States.

According to the Church, the dark races were not required in God’s scheme of things.

The genocide of the Incas, Mayas and others has no parallel in human history. They were more civilised than the Europeans. “By millions upon millions” says Draper “whole races and nations were remorselessly cut off.

The Bishop of Chiape affirmed that more than 15 million were terminated in his time. From Mexico and Peru, a civilisation that might have educated Europe, was crushed out.” (Intellectual Development of Europe, Vol. II)

On Galileo’s incarceration, Draper writes: “What a spectacle! This venerable man, the most illustrious of his age, forced by the threat of death to deny the facts…treated with remorseless severity during the remaining ten years of his life….” In the dungeon.

There is nothing in human history as diabolic as the Inquisition. It was created by the Popes to perfect the “art” of torture of the apostates. I can only think of the gas chambers of the Nazis, which did away with six million Jews.

“What strikes me most in considering medieval torture is not so much this diabolic barbarity, which is impossible to exaggerate, as the extraordinary variety and what may be termed the artistic skills they displayed”. (Lecky)

What else can one expect from a religion which had thought of eternal hell fire as a punishment for even small wrongs of men!

What about Islam? Space compels me to make it a short review. In his book “In the path of Mahatma Gandhi”, George Catlin, the American philosopher, asks: “What has Islam to offer to compare with the philosophy of Vedanta and the Upanishads?” So much for its “Superiority” claim!

Be that as it may, what is the record of Islam’s atrocities? “The Islamic conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history,” says Will Durant, the American historian.

The Muslims do not want to be reminded of their past. But it is necessary, says S.Bashiruddin, former Vice Chancellor of Dr. Ambedkar Open University. (See his ‘Deen and Dharma”).

He says: “Through the present generation of Muslims is not responsible for what has been done centuries ago, an awareness of such a legacy can sensitize the Muslim opinion leaders…”

With such a record of their past, I would like to know from Christian and Muslim brothers, in which way they are “superior” to the Hindus.

Do not tell me that your religious texts do not permit these things. This is an easy explanation. I don’t take it.

Men are judged by what they do, not by what they believe or by what is written in their scripture.


** Psychological Warfare

(( Views expressed here are of authors’ own and not of this website.))

Islamic Lust for Hindu women: Psychological Warfare

Jagmohan Singh Khurmi, ivarta

India-Pakistan one-day cricket match is something more than just a match. It is clash of egos, ideas ( and sometimes brickbats also ). Now and then certain things happen to certain people which they will regret for a lifetime, even to those who have lots and lots of control over their emotions i.e. professional actors like Shah Rukh Khan : in heat of the moment the thin mask of secularity slips off and for a spilt-second a keen observer is able to see the ugly face of Islamic supremacy.

This happened when he tried to defend his co-religionist Shoaib Malik”s cliché of apologizing to the pan-Islamic world for failing to defeat the Indians. Instead of denouncing him he went ahead to justify his co-religionist”s dumb remark.

It was only after walking a few steps with him did he realize his mistake : he and Shoaib are not in same position – while Shoaib is sitting far out from the reach of the secular India and is free to do his Islamic acrobatics, Shah Rukh depends upon the Indians and hence is limited to limits set by them.
The same faux pas was committed by CM Ghulam Nabi Azad when he praised Mahatama Gandhi in public function, result : the top mullah of Kashmir went mad yelling that Mohammed the Prophet was only entity that is worth of being followed.
Of course the CM apologized (that”s why he is alive).The Indian pseudo-secularist media that is always in search of such gems like Shah Rukh Khan who can be put up in show-window as role-models with a hope to lure the Indian muslims into mainstream.
It is a common knowledge that the hindu suffers from a deep-rooted phobia of being branded un-secular so once in the while goes to laughable extents in order to show the world India”s love for muslims by giving high-sounding titles to actors like Shah Rukh Khan : “The King of Bollywood” as Anupam Chopra”s new book”s title goes. But ironically this book itself presents some inconvenient incidents : one of them is an angry and possessive call from the underworld don Abu Salem, who scolds Khan for not giving adequate preference to muslim professional in the industry.
Instead of confronting him Shah Rukh meekly ensures him of his full support to muslims and even provides the great goon numerous examples of his love for his co-religionists ! And thus manages to satisfy his godfather, who in turn assures him of his safety ! This explains the dominance of Khansin Indian film industry.
It may be argued that the typical hindi filmmaker uses muslim youth to create market in neighboring countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh who can never provide enough entertainment content due to their Islamic straitjacketed culture. And the poster of a Shah Rukh Khan or a Salman Khan or an Aamir Khan may get some sympathy from the mulla for its undertone of machismo that fits his jihadi mindset.
And the half-naked women with beautifully built bodies can be watched without any guilt by devout momins since they are hindu whores !
To the twisted muslim mindset even the purely secular song and dance can be joyous instance of dominance of Islam over Hinduism ! You may find this disgusting but then that is what Islam is.
One woman journalist Tavleen Singh, who was known for her pro-islam stand and at times went as far as to justify terrorism, once got inside the Islamic mad-house of the fanatic Dar-ul-Uloom at Deobandi and for the first time in her life discovered real Islam for herself, which was light-years away from the rosy imagery secularists like Khushwant Singh and Romila Thapar had taught her. After a few minutes she came out stamping her feet in fury.
She was so angry that she wrote her next article with title :”If this is what secularism means, give me Hindutva ” , those who know her well would be shocked to find her even thinking so, let alone write such a phrase in the newspaper. What made her take such a u-turn in her ripe age ? No one knows. Try to guess ( hint : she is a woman )
“one of the most painful aspects of Muslim demographic warfare is the open attempt by Muslims to grab non-Muslim girls to use them for their own demographic ambitions, meanwhile also inflicting a good dose of humiliation on the accursed kafirs. In Bangladesh and in Muslim-majority areas inside India, this often takes the form of simply kidnapping girls, or of threatening their families to marry them out to Muslims? In the open market-place of the West and of westernised circles in India, it takes the form of normal courtship”- Mr. Koenraad Elst

Still if these silly hindu filmmakers think that they are actually building “secular bridges” by giving muslim man riding hindu woman, (the muslims, of course, won”t allow the reverse.) then they are in error. They fail to understand Islamic mindset. Even if you make all the muslims in India superstars, in Pakistan this will not be accepted for as a sign of hindu benevolence or even a gesture of genuine secularism but as an explicit evidence of hindu inferiority and islamic superiority ! Such is their contempt for all things hindu.
And it does not stop there, Abu Salem ( killed Gulshan Kumar, organized Bombay Bomb blasts, at more than one occasion even opened gun-fire at the shooting of Hindu religious epic Mahabharta ) has managed to get much for Islam. Popularity of “khan” series of bollywood masala flicks has led to a deadly trait of more and more hindu girls in western countries ( mostly U.K.), misusing the freedom their religion gives them, finding it “cool” and “okay” to marry a muslim.
This is also helped by the cultural vacuum left by hindu parents who are so secular that they feel ashamed to give their child any knowledge about the great heritage of hinduism.
Zakat ( petro-dollars) come all the way from rich islamic states in gulf to reward the muslim boys who bring more and more girls to the fold of islam. Some muslim boys have even made this “campus-jehad” a full time occupation !
And of course for such gullible hindu girls life is one-way street, once she enters islam ( hoping the warm embrace of her future in-laws who should be grateful to her for leaving her very own parents and religion ) she discovers there is nothing warm in the embrace of islam she embaced as promised in the film that inspired her for this foolish emotional death-dive, but by then it is too late.
She is done for. She will probably spend the rest of her cursed life cooking stinking halaal meat and giving birth to a new generation of suicide bombers.
Readers’ Comments:

There has been a drastic change in Bollywood’s movies. Previously, we used to see “BHAJANS” in movies, now we see “QAWALLIS” in Dargahs or Church bells. In Dubai-funded Bollywood Movies, Heroes wear crosses in their necks, and villains wear “Tilak” on forehead and aum in their necks. This is a clear attempt to show Hindus as bad characters, and portray minorities, Muslims and Christians, as good characters.

Dubai’s Muslim dons are trying to kick out good Hindu heroes from Mumbai’s film industry. Every movie funded by Dubai’s mafia has to have Muslim hero, be is Shahrukh Khan or Salman Khan or Amir Khan or Saif Ali Khan, or Irfan Khan or Zayed Khan or Emran Hashmi.

Anti-Hindus movies are made by taking Anti-Hindu Actors like Nandita Das, Shabana Azmi, Naseeruddin Shah,John Ibrahim,Irfan Khan, Lisa Ray or Gracey Singh. Hindu rituals are made fun of  thru subtle dialogues and songs.  Swamis are vilified and mullahs and bishops are glorified

Going to temple is called as backward and going to Church is shown trendy in many new movies.  Hindu Priests are made fun of, Imams and Bishops are always shown to be respect-worthy.There is a brain-washing going on thru movies of Bollywood that Dubai’s dons are funding. – Global Citizen

Below are the names of those Muslims who went after Hindu and Sikh girls.
Amir Khan – 2 Hindu wives: First Reena Dutt, second Kiran Rao

Saif Ali Khan – ex-wife Amrita Singh, Sikh

Shahrukh Khan – wife Gauri, Hindu

Salman Khan – previous girlfriend, Aishwarya Rai, Hindu

Poet Gulzar– x-wife Actress Rakhi,  Hindu

Crickter Nawab Pataudi– wife Sharmila Tagore, Hindu

Nasiruddin Shah, actor – wife Ratna Pathak, Hindu

Pakistani Cricketer, Mohsin Khan – x-wife Reena Roy, Hindu

Writer Salman Rushdie – ex-wife Hindu

Feroz Gandhi aka Feroz Khan – wife Indira Gandhi, a Hindu

Omar Abdullah, Shaikh Abdullah’s son – wife Hindu

– by Sam B.


** Persecution Industry

The Persecution Industry : What are the stakes?

Ramapriya Abraham

CrusadeWatch Org. 

Human rights issues have the power to bring nations to their knees in the International arena by forcing major policy changes.    

Evangelical groups worldwide are abusing this issue to achieve their selfish goals by turning human rights into a game called ‘Persecution’ and making it an essential ingredient of their evangelism plan.  

Evangelical groups claim that they are persecuted ‘everywhere for practicing their beliefs’ (i.e. , in all the 238 countries around the globe). 
The accused persecutors are liberals in the USA; Muslims and liberals in Australia; seculars in the UK; Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, Buddhist, Tribals, Syrian Orthodox Christians, and Syrian Catholics in India; Buddhists in Sri Lanka; Orthodox Christians in Russian Federation; Muslims the in Middle-East; Traditional Catholics in Mexico; and the list goes on and on. 
In summary, the group that is targeted for conversion by the evangelicals in every country is defined as the offender.  Persecution stories are flashed daily across evangelical news sources.  

What is the truth? Was there really a crime? 

Who is the true offender in these conflicts?  Why is it that only the evangelicals have problems with others? A rational analysis of their claims answers many questions.   

Missionaries claim that they are persecuted by everybody for ‘their beliefs’ and thus have problems with everybody else. What are their beliefs?  The answer is in the Bible itself, which the missionaries believe to be the inerrant, uncompromising word of God.  

As quoted by Frank G. Huling: There are the two groups in the world, children of God ” those who have received Christ (John 1:12)”, and the children of the devil “those who reject Christ (John 8:44).”  

This concept was redefined by Jerry Falwell, the inspiration behind many modern day Western missions, as: If you’re not a born-again Christian, you’re a failure as a human being.  

The missionary groups see the other side namely, all other groups, both Christian and non-Christian alike, that do not share their strict interpretation of the Bible as ‘children of devil’.  Such animosity has inspired an evangelical war that has been raging for centuries, with no end in sight.    

Intentionally or inadvertently, the evangelical groups continue to preach and practice intolerance.  

Yet for as often as they claim to be persecuted, nobody has come to their homes and abused them. Instead, they go to the communities of others and preach their beliefs; the resulting resistance if any is then reported by the evangelicals as persecution.    

They have problem with everybody because their beliefs, which repeatedly emphasize exclusivity and superiority over others, provoke hostility from the communities to which they preach. 

Are the crimes against Christian missionaries true?  

Are all Christians affected, or is it only those who aggressively seek to convert others?  Only through a detailed analysis of these events can such questions be answered.   

Let us evaluate some persecution stories reported from India:   

Case 1 : Throughout January 2007, an incident was flashed repeatedly almost everyday in the evangelical world.  The table below provides a sample of the titles used by various missionary news networks to describe the incident.

The central message of all these news items is “Bansi Lal , a 18-year-old Christian convert from Hinduism , was pushed out of a train by Hindu militants.  Christians are persecuted for their beliefs.”  Christian organizations, including the All India Christian Council (AICC) and the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), condemned the incident, alleging that Hindu extremists had thrown Lal out of a moving train. John Dayal said it seemed like “murder, and nothing else.”  

However, a closer look at the sources from which the incident was reported reveals a very different story.  

An 18 year-old youth, who was later identified as Bansi Lal, was lying with a severe head injury at the S-12 signal post near the Bolai railway station in Shajapur district at about 7 p.m. on January 8, 2007. A good samaritan took him to a hospital nearby.  Chinmay Rai, the Station master of the Bolai railway station who did a preliminary investigation, said that passengers saw Mr. Lal sticking too far out of the door, which could have possibly caused him to hit against the signal post and fall out of the train.  In India, it is common among youth to hang around the doors in trains, buses or any other public transport.   

The fact that the injured youth was lying clung to a signal post confirms that Mr. Lal was hit by the signal post, which seems to have happened because of the teenager’s careless attitude.  As described by the other passengers who are the sole witnesses, there was no indication of any pushing, dragging, struggle or aggressive force against Lal.   

But if this is so, then how did the “Hindu militants” come into picture?  Where did the attack and murder conspiracy theories originate?  It may take weeks or months for the official investigation to give its final report.  

If the report says it is an accident, the missionary news networks are not going to publish any correction because the original newsflashes served their purpose to depict Christians as targets of abuse by other religious groups. 

Sadly, not just Hindus but a common man around the world  wouldn’t understand these lies and the reasons behind such propaganda.  

Case 2 : When the bones  of infants and fetuses were found in the backyard of the Ratlam missionary hospital in Madhya Pradesh, the following headlines were shown by various news sources, both Christian and secular/mainstream:  

Christian News Network*


AsiaNews.it, Italy Fundamentalists accuse Christian hospital of illegal abortions
BosNewsLife BREAKING NEWS: India Police Detain Christian Hospital Official On Infanticide Charges
IndianCatholic Christians allege conspiracy in Ratlam Hospital case
IndianCatholic UCAN: Church leaders say hospital targeted to tarnish Christians

*(Other popular Christian news sources did not even report this incident)

 In this case, Christian news sources either blocked or misrepresented the facts. Christian sources were creating conspiracy theories or promoting hate against Hindus. Hindus are blamed in which they had no role to play.  

  The incident was clearly a situation to be handled by criminal authorities, an incident that seemed to be an act committed by some hospital staff in relation to abortions and possible female infanticide. 

The Christian news sources manufactured ‘Hindu fundamentalists’ and inserted a Hindu conspiracy into the story to further the evangelical goal of portraying others as merciless killers.  

Why do evangelists do that?    

One of the main purposes behind the falsehoods is to create stories that arouse sympathy for Christians, which in turn yield more financial support from the West.   

Every missionary fundraiser in the West uses these stories as part of their fundraising campaigns.   

The message contained in the stories is made up of three essential ingredients:  

  1. Christian missionaries are being persecuted;
  2. The new converts to Christianity are not going to bow down to threats from other religions; and 
  3. They need your financial support.  

These messages have a profound impact in America’s Bible Belt and particularly among senior citizens.  

For example, the Portales News Tribune ran an article on January 27, 2007 that was titled “Hopping on the train”. The story reported that   senior citizens in Portales, New Mexico were raising money donations for Christian ministries in India by playing games like dominoes and Mexican Train.  

Secondly, these stories often lacking scrutiny,  silence, demonize and preempt any potential opposition to the missionary activity in their host countries by internationalizing any issue, including law enforcement cases, as human rights issues.   

Any Hindu in India opposing missionary activity is defined a “Hindu militant”.  A majority of Western media, which revere the evangelical Christian news sources, pick up such articles which are then picked by Indian media.  

US State Department often influenced by such manufactured news writes negatively about Hindus in its annual reports.   

As a result, Hindus become divided into two categories: the ‘Good Hindu’, who shuts his eyes, ears and mouth in reaction to any anti-Hindu activity; and a Hindu militant, who is likely to  raise voice to evangelical activity happening around them.  

Finally, the evangelicals use hate as a weapon to put more political power into their hands. 

This strategy works on the premise of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.  

In response to the stories of Hindu anti-Christian conspiracies, all the non-Hindu forces join hands with the supposedly victimized missionary groups, thereby strengthening each other against the Hindu threat.

The following video on YouTube explains this point in greater detail:   


The evangelical groups are using the issue of human rights to play a dangerous game with public sympathies and international law, a game that actually hurts other Christians as a result.   

People are increasingly being aware of these manufactured news stories. When true attacks against Christians do happen, they may not be taken seriously because of all the false stories that came before. I urge Christian news sources to be genuine and more vigilant about the news coming from the Indian subcontinent, where reporters tend to be overenthusiastic in proving their allegiance to their new religion of choice Christianity.  

I agree with my husband, who was born into a Syrian Orthodox Christian family. He believes that if these evangelical groups continue to resort to such blatant falsehoods and manufactured hate to gain support, they will eventually tear apart every peaceful community they touch.  

Watch the following major missionary news networks for a daily dose of purpose-driven ‘Persecution’ news:

  1. Agape Press, www.agapepress.org 
  2. American Daily, www.americandaily.com 
  3. AsiaNews, www.asianews.it 
  4. ASSIST News Service (ANS), http://www.assistnews.net
  5. At Any Cost Jesus Mission, http://anycostjesus.baseelia.org/ 
  6. BosNewsLife, www.bosnewslife.com 
  7. Catholic World News, www.cwnews.com
  8. Christian Monitor, www.christianmonitor.org
  9. Christian Post, www.christianpost.com
  10. Christianity Today, www.christianitytoday.com
  11. Compass Direct, www.compassdirect.org
  12. Cybercast News Service, http://www.cnsnews.com
  13. Mission Network News (MNN), http://www.mnnonline.org
  14. Pakistan Christian Post, http://www.pakistanchristianpost.com
  15. Union of Catholic Asian (UCA) News, www.ucanews.com
  16. Voice of the Martyrs Canada (VOMC), www.persecution.net

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** Evangelist’s Interview

Interview of a Christian Evangelist in India

– Bandyopadhyay Arindam  ( ivarta blogs)


The world today could have been a much better place for all of us, had we all refrained from trying to prove the superiority of our own religion………..

This is a hypothetical interview of “Father Johnson’ after his award by the Government of India for his exemplary work in India in enlightening the people in the path of the ONLY God. Father Johnson returned to the USA after 10 years of service, to uplift the people of India in the name of God. The interview was taken in July 2005 by a journalist in Houston, USA……  

Welcome home Father. You have been in India for 10 years, where “our mission’ is still going on. Tell me Father, how is India?

 India is a fascinating country, a land of contrasts. Modern India is the largest democracy, the budding economic superpower, with the second-largest pool of scientists and engineers in the world. India is also the only surviving ancient civilization with over one sixth of the world population. At one time, not so long ago, when Europe was in the “dark ages’ and America was not even “discovered’, India was a far advanced and developed country with a contribution of over 25% of world GDP till the 17th century and far advanced in all aspects of life, be it knowledge, philosophy, science, mathematics, arts, astronomy or navigation.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox, (1850-1919), American poet and journalist, wrote “India – The land of Vedas, the remarkable works contain not only religious ideas for a perfect life, but also facts which science has proved true. Electricity, radium, electronics, airship, all were known to the seers who founded the Vedas.”

Dick Teresi, American author of “Lost Discoveries’ mentioned “Some one thousand years before Aristotle, the Vedic Aryans asserted that the earth was round and circled the sun….

 Two thousand years before Pythagoras, philosophers in northern India had understood that gravitation held the solar system together, and that therefore the sun, the most massive object, had to be at its center….

Twenty-four centuries before Isaac Newton, the Hindu Rig-Veda asserted that gravitation held the universe together…..

The Sanskrit speaking Aryans subscribed to the idea of a spherical earth in an era when the Greeks believed in a flat one…..

The Indians of the fifth century A.D. calculated the age of the earth as 4.3 billion years; scientists in 19th century England were convinced it was 100 million years…

 Despite all its riches, history says that India never invaded any country. On the contrary, India has been repeatedly assaulted and conquered by numerous invaders and has been ruled by “foreigners’, first the Muslims and then the British for over a thousand years. India, before the advent of the British rulers, was a rich and prosperous country.

 Rev. Jabez T. Sunderland (1842-1936), Unitarian minister and reformer, wrote that “…when the British first appeared on the scene, India was one of the richest countries of the world; indeed, it was her great riches that attracted the British to her shores. For 2,500 years before the British came on the scene and robbed her of her freedom, India was self-ruling and one of the most influential and illustrious nations of the world …..

This wealth was created by the Hindus’ vast and varied industries.

 What about Hinduism as a religion?

Hinduism has a deep philosophical and spiritual heritage that has repeatedly mesmerized the world including western scientists, leaders and philosophers. Despite propaganda to the contrary, Hindus, like us, believes in one Supreme God but they do so in many forms, that helps to develop personalized relations.

Hinduism is the oldest major religion in the earth with 900 million followers. Unlike monotheistic institutionalized, religions like Judaism, Islam or Christianity, it is not based on any single prophet or scripture, but allows its followers all the freedom to pursue God and Truth in their own way, while living harmoniously with all creation.

We know that the Hindus are tolerant of other religions.

 Recently, UNESCO pointed out that out of 128 countries where Jews lived before Israel was created, only one, India, did not persecute them and allowed them to prosper and practice Judaism in peace.

Similarly the Zoroastrians, when driven out of Persia by Islam were given shelter by the Hindus in India and still coexist in India peacefully. Very recently, the Dalai Lama, driven from Buddhist Tibet, has been accepted with open arms. Such is the ethos of Hinduism and India.

  I have heard that Mark Twain once said that “In religion all other countries are paupers; India is the only millionaire’. I have also read Arnold Toynbee’s writing “…at the religious level, India has not been a recipient; she has been a giver. About half the total number of the living, higher religions are of Indian origin’. What do you think about it?

We know India gave birth to religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism. Hinduism, though the predominant religion, has, to quote Aldous Huxley, “never been a persecuting faith, have preached almost no holy wars and have refrained from that proselytizing religious imperialism which has gone hand in hand with political and economic oppression of colored people.’

What many do not know and I will not elaborate further for obvious reasons, is that there are researchers who think that the teachings of Jesus Christ have something to do with the ancient wisdom of Vedas. The Hindu concepts of “karma’, and “reincarnation’, which are part of the New Age Movement that we see today, were not unknown to Jesus.

Then Father, why do we need to convert people in India?

You see, we in the western world, have the “white man’s burden’ of civilizing the rest of the world. We also have the need and desire to spread the message of Christ, since we believe that it is the ONLY way to salvation and all other nonbelievers will go to hell. The faith in Christianity is being eroded in Europe and America.

That is why our Pope on his visit to India said, “Just as in the first millennium, the Cross was planted on the soil of Europe, and in the second on that of the Americas and Africa, we can pray that in the third Christian millennium a great harvest of faith will be reaped in this vast and vital continent.’

Why do you target India?

India is the right country because Hindu Indians are generally peace-loving tolerant, law abiding people who are truthful and virtuous. India”s devotion to being good rather than being clever comes nearer the heart of a true civilization, said W. J. Grant, in his book, “The spirit of India’.

The unsuspecting Indians have always welcomed everybody on their shore and still keep on doing so. You cannot say the same about a Muslim country or of communist China. You see Hindus are such naive – they go out of their way to say that “all religions are same – they all lead to God’. Christians and for that matter, no other religion, says that.

Where does your resource come from?

There are five major aid-giving countries, viz., USA, Germany, Britain, Italy and the Netherlands. According to the available data, in the last decade alone, foreign aid organizations received more than 2.5 billion dollars.

This is only official statistics. According to the record and report of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, the statistics about the foreign aid being received by Indian Non Government Organizations shows that 80% of it is meant only for the Christian organizations that have been buying their ways into the Indian society and converting unsuspecting people under the guise of social service.

How powerful is Christianity in India?

Oh, though we are only 2.4% of the population officially, we have a large control over the country because of our economic invasion. You see, the present leader of the main political party of India is a Roman Catholic with close contact with the Vatican. There are Christian Chief ministers in 5 out of 29 states. Because of the British rule of India, we have a large section of the leaders of India who look up to us. Believe me, we are the second largest land owners in India. We own and control 80% of the Indian media and newspapers. We overtly or covertly have alliance with key political associations. So it is very easy for us to influence the right people.

You must have a very organized system?

Yes, we do. Have you heard about the Joshua Project? It identifies and highlights the people groups of the world that have the least exposure to the Gospel and the least Christian presence and shares this information to encourage pioneer church-planting movements among every ethnic group. The Joshua Project has identified the North India Hindi belt as “the core of the core of the core” because of its population density (40% of the Indian population- the states of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh lies in this region); it is the religious hub of India; and it has the smallest Christian presence in India. Thus detailed plans have been drawn up to target India’s 75,000 Pin Codes.

The Seventh Day Adventists owes its Indian success to Canadian evangelist Ron Watts, President for the South Asian Division. When he entered India, in 1997, the Adventist Church had 225,000 members after 103 years of operations. In five years, he took it to 700,000.

Some methods used include the 10-Village and the 25-Village Programs, which involve five sets of laymen, under guidance from a regular pastor, who identify 10 or 25 villages in close proximity. Once the villages were selected, the teams would approach the leaders of each village and invite them to send two leaders to a 10-day seminar at a nearby resort, at the organization’s expense.

It is before no time that the local leaders will then start working for our faith and organization. In 1998, there were seventeen 10-Village Programs and 9,337 were baptized. In 1999, forty programs were held and nearly 40,000 people baptized. Under the Christian Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Samuel Reddy, the Adventists shifted to a 50-village plan.

They began baptizing at the rate of 10,000 persons per month. The US-based Maranatha Volunteers International provides buildings for the Seventh-day Adventist Church. They are committed to build 750 churches in 2 years in India.

The Oregon based, Fjarli family have a goal to build 1000 churches at a rate of 1 per day.

How do you carry out conversion attempts?

You see the local people are so simple and naïve that they do not have any clue as what out motive or means are. We target mostly the poor, illiterate, tribal people because they are the easiest to convert. We do that by various means – we establish schools, hospitals that overtly or subtly promote our faith, we allure them with money or goods to the needy when they convert, we “stage’ miracle cures, we use our influence on the media, we use our experts in propaganda, we promote the influential people and so on.

We use the money sent to us by unsuspecting religious and faithful Christians from all over the world. We have numerous NGO and AID organizations to funnel the money into the country.

There are a great number of missionaries of various denominations who are working there, all literally competing for the most number of converts. The Southern Baptists alone are a group that has nearly 100,000 career missionaries in North India, all working to spread our “good word.”

Is the so called caste system in India an advantage?

 The “Caste-ism in India’ is a boon to us. Though Varna or caste was once an essential part of the culture, based on occupation and vocational skills, which kept the civilization going for over 5000 years, caste-ism is a degenerated socio-political system now that has been declared illegal. However it is one big weapon against Hinduism.

We have learnt from the colonial British that it is very easy to divide the population on the basis of caste and religion based politics and we use it to our own interest to the maximum. We join the anti-Hindu forces and help to keep the stigma of caste-ism alive for our own benefit.
We target the “untouchables’ (the unprivileged people, that has so marvelously crafted to be a result of the Hindu religion and not the social system) and convert them in the lure of “liberating’ them.
However I must confess that we maintain their “untouchability’ by not allowing them to mix with the general Christians, maintaining separate entry to churches and even giving them separate churches and cemeteries.
We also use opportunities that God gives us. During natural disasters like floods, earthquakes and the recent Tsunami, taking advantage of the need, we were able to convert successfully entire low caste villages in Tamil Nadu to Christianity with the lure of money and aid.
How successful are you in your conversion attempts.
Oh we are doing a good job.
The Northeast Indian states like Assam, Nagaland, and Manipur, have witnessed a surge of nearly 200% in their Christian population in the past 25 years. Their grasp is so strong now that practicing Hinduism is forbidden in some areas. Hindus can no longer do worship or “puja’ in the open because of our influence.
In another northeast state, Tripura, where there were no Christians at the time of India’s independence, 55 years ago, there are now over 120,000 today.
The figures are even more striking in Arunachal Pradesh, where there were only 1710 Christians in 1961, but over 1 million today, along with over 780 churches.
In the southern state of Andhra Pradesh, churches are coming-up every day in far flung villages and there is an attempt to set-up one near Tirupati, the world famous Hindu temple.
Many of the North-East separatist movements, such as the Mizo or the Bodos, are not only Christian dominated, but also sometimes function with the covert backing of the missionaries.
Christian Nagaland terrorists have been killing non-Christians for decades on end.
More than 20,000 people have lost their lives to insurgency in Assam and Manipur in the past two decades. We understand that there are some social problems that crept up – the northeast states are the highest in India in terms of drugs and AIDS related problem – but we accept that as “casualties of war’ –that should not deter us from our goal.
Do you face any resistance?
Of course we do. But we brand any resistance as “Hindu fundamentalism or militancy’ and the media and our favorite leaders take care of the rest. We have set the mind of the unsuspecting population in a way, that whenever any of our people are harassed, attacked or killed, from any reason including their own faults, the blame automatically goes to these so called “Hindu fundamentalist’ and even though almost all of these instances are later proved to have nothing to do with these Hindu groups, the initial hue and cry that is raised makes sure the memories persist in the mind of the populace and the sympathy stays with us.
There are instances when nuns have been proved to be raped by Christians, but the blames continues to stay with the Hindus.
Is there any legal barrier?
Yes there are some rules and laws that sometimes impair our activities. The Indian Supreme Court had declared that: “The right to propagate religion does not mean the right to convert… Conversion done under allurement, use of force and fraud in which the poverty or ignorance of the individual is taken advantage of, is not only undemocratic but also unconstitutional…Respect for all religions is the foundation of secularism whereas the seeds of conversion lie in religious intolerance.”. Anti conversion laws have been passed in various states. But as I said, we have our ways.
Sometimes the law does get us though. We had some instances where members of our faith have been convicted with resultant imprisonment or expulsion. As in churches all over the world, some clergymen have been penalized for cases of sexual exploitation, including pedophilia. But that does not deter us from our goal and our almighty Lord takes care of our soul.
How satisfied are you with the progress of the missions?
It is really satisfying. We find enormous pleasure in converting the Hindu “pagans’. However I wish we could do more.
I wish I could say like St Francis Xavier, during the Goa Inquisition in 1560, “When I have finished baptizing the people, I order them to destroy the huts in which they keep their idols; and I have them break the statues of their idols into tiny pieces, since they are now Christians. I could never come to an end describing to you the great consolation which fills my soul when I see idols being destroyed by the hands of those who had been idolaters.”
Thank you, Father for your time and honesty.
Thank you, my son. God bless you.


“Christianity offers nothing that is not already available somewhere in the many forms of Hinduism. Hinduism never rejected the teachings of Jesus. Those who have converted either agreed with a gun pressed at their skulls as in Goa, or because it provided an escape from caste tyranny, as well as a guaranteed professional advancement.

Through its Vedic legacy, Hinduism respects all faiths. It clearly states that God is one, but has many forms. The Christian message must sound preposterous: that God is indeed one, but has only one recognized form, his son.

The “savages” of India were sophisticated – so sophisticated that the imperialist mixture of church and state in Europe could not grasp such sophistication….” (Paul William Roberts, author of, “Empire of the Soul: Some journeys in India’) http://www.blogs.ivarta.com/india-usa-blog-column31.htm

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We convince the “natives’ by our appearances and even use their own culture.


A native converted person will continue to use his Hindu name so as not to alienate himself. Some of the numerous Catholic priests in Southern India dress like “sannyasis’ (monks), and call their organizations “ashramas’ (hermitage).
This is to make Christianity more similar to the Vedic traditions. Bharat Natyam, the classical dance of India, is also taught in the Christian schools, but with Christian symbols and meanings replacing the Vedic.
This is all in the attempt to actively sway Hindus over to Christianity. The Evangelical Church of India (ECI), established in 1954, targets the slums, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, in cities and villages.
Its logo depicts a cross struck deep in a lotus, the seat of Hindu divinity. 


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